What is the income gap between the 20th percentile and 50th percentile? (Official data on other percentiles not available)

Source: Manpower Research and Statistical Department, Ministry of Manpower. 4th Quarter Reports on Employment Situation 2012-2014. The annual inflation rate is obtained from the Department of Statistics. Figures in Singapore Dollars.


  1. Data excludes full-time National Servicemen.
  2. The Comprehensive Labour Force Survey was not conducted in 2005 due to the conduct of the General Household Survey 2005 by the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  3. As the income data are captured from a sample survey, the income changes for the 20th percentile nearer the end of the income spectrum tend to be more volatile over shorter (e.g. year-on-year) than longer periods (e.g. 5 or 10 years).